Life is so brutal and so hard we all need a moral compass to live by to get us through each and everyday! We develop our morals from experience and everything we go through. A moral is a lesson, especially one concerning what is right and what is prudent. All of the growth that happens in our lives comes from experience, primarily hard experiences we encounter. All my morals have been developed through hardships. Our parents pass down their morals to use but we don’t fully understand the purpose of them until we grow and mature enough.

Moral 1) Life is hard no matter where you go, there is no escaping that. You will encounter hardships, struggles, and pain in life but it is the only way to grow and become the person you were meant to be.

Moral 2) We live in a sinful and broken world, there is a lot of evil, hurt, darkness, and pain. There is no escaping that. As a follower of Jesus it is my job to be the light in the kind of world we live in. I do this by living in reflection of Gods character, Gods love, and Gods glory. Gods character is righteousness and unconditional love, and God’s glory is living in the victory of Jesus.

Moral 3) There is no love without pain and grief

Moral 4) We cannot fully enjoy the beautiful parts of life unless we fully travel through the brutal parts

Moral 5) The love of this world is conditional and based on circumstances, God’s love is unconditional, it doesn’t have any boundaries or circumstances and it never ends.

Moral 6) If someone treats you wrong it is out of their own brokeness and it’s not your concern



four sunflowers in bloom on teal surface
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