Unconditional love vs. conditional love

The sin, brokeness, and evil in this world has been around since creation, when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden! When they sinned, sin and evil entered the whole entire universe, and because of that we are all born sinners. The story of Adam and Eve gives us a good idea of how deceitful and convincing the devil can be, and how sin effects us. Adam and Eve were born naked without shame! As soon as they gave into sin, they instantly felt shame, and they wanted to cover their bodies! That is the same way today, as soon as we are seen in something that’s uncomfortable like that, we feel shame!

It’s not only about the living free from sin, it’s about the motives and conditions of your heart! Naturally being human, the motives of are heart are selfish and sinful! We do things in order to get something in return, whether it be materialistic or earning respect. It’s very rare that we’re doing things out of pure love without any false motives in the way

Before I was in a relationship with Jesus and before I knew God’s love I did not know what makes a sin a sin, and it really just comes down to the motives and conditions of your heart. Sin is just falling short of the glory of God.


I did not understand what unconditional love is until I fully digested and understood the love of God. God demonstrates his love to us through Jesus. Jesus could have used his power for whatever he wanted to, but he used his power to save us and set us free.  Gods love does not change, and his love is not based on circumstances!

Jesus did not die for us because he felt pressured to, or because he felt like he would lose the respect and validation from God, he did it because he loved us so deeply he was willing to suffer such a terrible and painful death so we could live a life free from the sin and brokeness of this world and live a life knowing him and depending on him!

When I wake up in the morning I do not have to worry if God does not love me anymore, if God cheated on me, or if I’ve done enough to earn the respect of God, because his love is unconditional!

So often we act out of fear or pride more than love. The reality is, if you are not acting out of love, you are acting out of fear!

Most of us learn the wrong idea of what love is at a young age! God is love! We are taught that love is conditional and based of of circumstances! This causes us to have a fear of abondonment and rejection, and feel like we have to act a certain way and do certain things in order to earn the love and respect in our lives!

God is righteous, loving,

God calls us to put him first and trusting him, he will put everything else into place.

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